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1Maitra Novembar 2018 2nd November, 2018 Maitra Novembar 2018 Covers mainly Club Activities Pune Sahawas Click To View
2Maitra October 2018 12th October, 2018 Maitra October 2018 Covers: Interact Club Installation at Rule, Velha; District Youth Seminar 'Rockon'; Inter Rotary Club "One Act Play" competition Pune Sahawas Click To View
3Maitra September 2018 7th September, 2018 Maitra September 2018 Covers Club's on going project of Happy Village at Bhambarde and Organ Donation Drive conducted by RID 3131 Pune Sahawas Click To View
4Maitra August 2018 3rd August, 2018 Maitra August 2018 Bulletin covers Installation of the New President with BOD and introduction of new members. Pune Sahawas Click To View
5Maitra 23 June 2018 23rd June, 2018 Maitra 23 June 2018 RI Leaders' messages and brief introductions of all BOD members Pune Sahawas Click To View